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Hello and welcome to Prettycutebakes. I have called my page Prettycute simply because I feel the name fits the bill. The cakes, cupcakes, chocoberries and pops I create are kinda cute. I love all things sugar. A lot of my time is spent on designing and crafting unique cakes and cupcakes.

Prettycute was set up in 2009 and the whole thing came about suddenly. During a visit to USA I was introduced to chocolate covered strawberries by my sister who can actually live off these decadent treats. Having eaten quite a lot of these I came home to England and started making these for friends. Then came the decorating bit. I felt that strawberries covered in chocolate were all good but perhaps they needed something more. So I began tailoring these for specific events. Someone then suggested I try baking cupcakes. Having never baked in my entire life, I took on the challenge and hey presto! the cupcakes turned out rather delicious. Well…that is all the encouragement I needed. I caught the baking bug and then the icing bug too! My two nieces who love cupcakes provided much needed encouragement, in fact it is their enthusiasm and encouragement that has brought me thus far.

A lot of my spare time, (when I am not baking or working) is spent on research. In fact¬†there are only a few hours in the day when I am not dreaming of cake and cake decoration.¬† I have perfected the egg free cake as a lot of my friends won’t eat eggs for dietary or religious reasons and all I want to do is feed people cake!

Some of my favourite things from the cakey world are cute characters, embossers, the vibrant colours and I am constantly amazed at what cake makers can create with a bit of sugar paste and some icing.

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